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How to have a small intimate wedding

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

There was a time when it was the norm to invite everyone you knew to a wedding; extended families, family friends, old friends and work colleagues. But in recent years, that’s shifted in favour of intimate weddings. Even more so since 2020 when the pandemic threw plans in the air for many couples, there was no option but to have a small wedding.

Whilst a large wedding means you don’t have to worry about leaving friends and family out, smaller weddings are perfect for creating a more intimate day with those dearest to you. Less guests, less stress! However, just because there are less people it doesn’t mean the atmosphere will be any less vibrant.

Planned well, an intimate wedding party of 50 guests or fewer can be just as much fun as a party of 200+! And often more meaningful. If you’re one of the many couples looking to plan a small wedding, here’s a few key points for your planning.

The benefits of having an Intimate or Micro Wedding

From offering your closest friends and family an extraordinary wedding experience to taking some of the typical pressures away during the planning, intimate weddings have a plethora of benefits that make them pretty irresistible.

Wedding Budget

For many couples, cost is the first thing to consider when organising the big day. It guides the rest of the planning and has a significant influence over the end result. Opting for a wedding party of 50 guests or below will free up a lot of your budget and allow you to prioritise what really matters to you. After all, this is your big day!

From your choice of venue to the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment, smaller weddings give you more freedom to plan the day you’ve always dreamed of. This may allow you to go all out on certain areas to make them extra special. For example, you may be able to indulge in the food you really love for your menu, upgrade the wine, have cocktails at the drinks reception or even have fireworks in the evening.

The Guest List

Fewer guests means more time for you and your other half to ‘make the rounds’, which means you can spend more time with each person who has attended your wedding. Couples often say they feel overwhelmed as they can’t get around to speaking to every guest on their big day, or that they spend the entire day talking to relatives and not taking time for each other.

The Venue

For many happy couples, ‘the perfect venue’ has been at the forefront of your mind since the proposal. It is one of the most important aspects of any wedding day, and can set the scene and atmosphere for the entire day. With a smaller and more intimate guest list, you can enjoy much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect space.

Here at Frensham Hall, there are 4 locations to get married and all can be resized to cater to the size of your party and the feel you want to achieve.

The Ballroom (licensed for 150)

Both elegant and grand, the majestic Edwardian Ballroom with its intricately carved cornices, pillars and ceilings is the jewel of Frensham Hall. The Ballroom is as practical and flexible as it is breathtaking. With doors leading from the Orangerie, Long Gallery, Old Dining Room and the Terrace and Lawn, the Ballroom will be the hub of your magical day.

The Long Gallery (licenced for 90)

The Long Gallery in Frensham Hall really needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. One wall gives way to a full-length majestic stained-glass leaded window, while the wall opposite holds a monumental stone fireplace.

The Tree House (licensed for 40)

The beauty of Frensham Hall really does lie in the wealth of opportunities which allow for the most unique events. Just beyond the main house, nestled on the edge of the woods, sits our magical Treehouse - perfect for an intimate woodland ceremony or as a quirky hub to sit alongside your main event.

The Walled Garden (licensed for 150)

The magical walled g

arden offers a wonderful location for an intimate outdoor wedding. Exquisite detailing and a pretty lined walkway frame a beautiful entrance for the wedding party.

The Little Things

From the flowers and cake to wedding favours and name cards, with less guests to worry about you can spend more time on the little things. The things that are going to make your wedding one to remember!

If you’re planning a small, outdoor wedding at Frensham Hall, our grounds are perfect for tipi style marquees or outdoor celebrations. Our vast lawns overlooking the Surrey Hills lend themselves to garden games to keep your guests entertained. The list of options are endless.

The Guest Experience

With larger parties, finding the right entertainment that everyone will enjoy is difficult. So often, couples opt for mainstream options to avoid going wrong. However, smaller guest lists mean you're likely to know the likes and dislikes of everyone invited. This means you can focus on finding entertainment your guests will love. And with extra budget, you could even opt for a handful of performers, musicians or even a magician to transform your day into something truly memorable!

Make your own rules

The great advantage of a small wedding, is the ability to plan it on your terms. Since you're keeping the day intimate, this means opting out of 'unnecessary' traditions. It wouldn't look out of place to have one or no bridesmaids, or to forgo a large group of groomsmen. The beauty of an intimate wedding means that anything goes.


A significant reason why many couples opt for small wedding parties is because of privacy. Not everyone wants a big wedding and the attention that comes with it. If this is the case, think about how your big day can be full of celebration while being appropriately discreet. You may wish to include a social media ban for instance.

Ask for Help

Planning a wedding – big or small – can be a scary task to take on. So don’t be afraid of asking for help or advice. At Frensham Hall, our experienced wedding team will be with you every step of the way. Your wedding won’t be passed around, you will always deal with the same person from your initial visit to your actual wedding day.

For more information about planning a small intimate micro wedding at Frensham Hall, get in touch with Kerry on 01252 797435 or email


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