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Unforgettable wedding firework display at Frensham Hall

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Everyone loves fireworks and what better way to end your wedding night, then with a bang! Why not add to the excitement on your wedding day and light up the sky, delight your family and guests with an unforgettable firework display. The oooohs and aaaahs will say it all. Not only will your wedding guests be wowed by the fireworks, but your wedding photographer will also be able to capture some amazing images for your photo album.

Frensham Hall Weddings come to life in and around a beautiful Edwardian manor house, at the heart of Frensham Heights School, located in the stunning Surrey Hills that provides the perfect backdrop. There are, however, plenty of things to consider when it comes to planning a firework display at your wedding:


Although many venues allow wedding fireworks, it isn’t the case everywhere you go, and it’s important to be aware of that. At Frensham Hall we very much welcome firework displays so if it's something you're considering, just speak with our Wedding Planning Team for details.


Much like you’d have a budget for your wedding catering services, your wedding dress, and so on, you need to set a budget for the fireworks. Displays can vary on price depending on the type of fireworks you want. You could have a simple display of just fireworks that still have the wow factor for friends and family. Alternatively, if your budget allows, you could opt for a choreographed display in sync with your wedding colour, theme, honeymoon destination and music of your choice.


One of the most romantic of gestures why not book a surprise firework display for your new husband or wife? We’ll work directly with you to amaze your new spouse with a magical firework display at Frensham Hall. Our discreet and safety conscious approach means the display will be a wonderful surprise.


This really depend on the time of year and the sunset. Most mid-summer weddings will be between 10pm and 11pm. All firework displays have to be finished by 11pm under UK government law. The only days where they can be later until midnight are 5th November, Chinese New year, Diwali and New Years Eve until 1am. Even if it is still dusk fireworks can normally be seen.

How long should they be?

Most couples ask for quotes for 10-15 minute wedding displays, however, the recommendation from our local preferred supplier - Flashpoint Fireworks, is shorter is far better with far more impact. It is suggested a display length of anywhere from 3-6 minutes is ideal, otherwise your guests could get bored.

Which type of Firework display?

Once you've established a budget, we would recommend speaking with your supplier who will have a team of expert designers who can work with you to turn your wedding into an event that your guests will talk about for years to come. Options include pyro musical displays, low noise, lasers and lighting. Our most popular wedding fireworks at Frensham Hall are musical displays. This is where the couple can choose a music track or tracks that are special to them, similar to like choosing a first dance track.


The UK weather is notoriously unreliable, but that doesn't mean it has to ruin your big day. Whilst it won't affect your firework display, you will need to consider providing your guests with umbrellas just in case it rains!

To see Frensham Hall in all its firework splendour, please watch the video below.

For further information about having a firework display at your wedding, please contact Kerry on or call 01252 797425.

Special thanks to Jason at Flashpoint Fireworks for producing the video - we love it! If you would like find out more about what they have to offer/prices, please visit


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