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Image by Louis Hansel



Bespoke Catering
Our onsite caterers, CH & CO, will make your culinary dreams come true. From your first visit, our experienced chef and events manager will work with you to create the perfect menu and catering experience for your event.

With the flexibility and knowledge of a team of experienced staff, any theme or cuisine can be catered for. From full formal wedding breakfasts to evening street food or barbeques, with every dietary requirement considered. 

Culinary Perfection


As with all aspects of your wedding at Frensham Hall, we are a blank canvas waiting to bring your dream day to reality. We can create your menu to suit any theme or international cuisine. Through tasting sessions, where quality and presentation will be exactly as on the day, you can sample our expertly-prepared dishes.

Everything is prepared onsite using seasonal and local ingredients where possible and our team will be onhand throughout your day to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.


The Day Itself


As you and your guests make memories and enjoy every moment of the day, our expertly trained team will be working hard behind the scenes. From meticulous presentation to simultaneous serving (so no guest is left awkwardly waiting for their meal to arrive), we will take care of every detail. Behind the scenes we will be working to timed precision to make sure every element of your day happens as it should.

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