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Rural Beauty

You might feel spoilt for choice when looking for a grand house to host your big event, but it is truly hard to beat the combination of Frensham Hall's elegant house with it's naturally beautiful surroundings. Mature woodland, open lawns and sweeping views provide a wonderful array of space and fresh air. 

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The Lawn & Terrace

The terrace and sweeping lawn lie along the south facade of Frensham Hall - accessible directly from the Ballroom, Orangerie and reception area. A flexible open space, the lawns lend themselves to summer games or modern marquees. The terrace is the perfect place to host drinks and canapés alfresco while soaking in the outstanding view.

The Walled Garden

The magical walled garden offers a wonderful location for an intimate outdoor wedding. Exquisite detailing and a pretty lined walkway frame a beautiful entrance for the wedding party. The raised belvedere cupola creates the perfect stage for wedding vows and beautiful photographs.

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The Courtyard

Through ornate stone walls, the Courtyard sits just before the main entrance to Frensham Hall. A sheltered, enclosed area, the Courtyard lends itself to traditional grand entrances and exit, but has also hosted a small ferris wheel and bouncy castle in its time. 

The Treehouse

The beauty of Frensham Hall really does lie in the wealth of opportunities which allow for the most unique events. Just beyond the main house, nestled on the edge of the woods, sits our magical Treehouse.

The Woodlands

Beyond the drive and our unique Treehouse runs an expanse of mature woodland. Following the leafy trails, guests can stretch their legs and soak in the fresh country air. Equally, wedding photographers will have a plethora of natural backdrops to capture memorable moments of the day.

The View

It may not be officially part of our glorious grounds, but we can't miss out this masterpiece of nature. Regardless of the season, rain or shine, this stunning view is sure to take your guests' breath away. We know we can't take the credit for this majestic backdrop, but Frensham Hall wouldn't be quite the same without it.

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